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I’ve been a member of Latin American Cupid for a little over two years now, before I even put up this site. I’ve communicated with Latinas from Latin America, the US and Europe put have mostly used it to hook up with girls in Latin America.

I have been living or traveling in Latin America off and on since the mid 90s but only started using dating sites in the last couple years. After running into a few guys who said they had good luck with Latin American Cupid I decided to give it a shot.

I’ve been happy with the beauty and the quality of the Latin women who use the site. Where ever you are looking for women you won’t have a problem finding attractive members. I have found they also tend to be more educated and have better jobs probably because these are the type of women who use the internet more often in Latin America. Most have had a good head on their shoulders and are fun to be with. I have yet to meet any nutcases, which is good because I’ve had my share of them in Latin America.

I must mention I haven’t ran into any gold diggers, either. I think this probably has to do with the typical girl using the site being more educated and holding a better job than the average Latina on the street. They seem to have their life together better.  I’ve gone out with some that had their own cars (not normal in Latin America) and provided the transportation when we went out. Nice.

Drawbacks? Let’s see… Well, if you expect every girl to look like a runway model you’ll be disappointed. It’s similar to walking down a street in Latin America, some women are knock outs, some are attractive and some aren’t. The other drawback I can think of is if you expect to make a profile and have the most popular, hottest, highest quality Latinas flood you with messages, it ain’t gonna happen. The highest quality women on the site get enough attention from men that they don’t need to go and search for them, so you’ll have to initiate contact with them.

The coolest thing about Latin America Cupid is you can start contacting girls before you travel to Latin America and have them waiting to meet you when you touch down. This is especially handy if you aren’t going to be spending an extended period in the areas you plan to visit.

Since the Latinas on the site tend to be a little more educated than normal you’ll find a decent amount speak English. If you run into any that don’t and you don’t speak Spanish well you can just use an online translator to shoot messages back and forth. The highest grade membership (platinum) has a built in translator.

The site itself is free to sign up but only paying members can send and receive messages with non-paying members. And over 99% of the Latinas are non-paying members. I don’t have a problem with this, I think it’s a fair compromise since we earn more than the typical Latina. And if they had to pay the variety and selection of women on the site would be shot to hell.

My advice is to pay for one month (the shortest paid membership) and if you like it sign up for a year membership and the price per month only comes out to $8 a month. Dirt cheap. That’s what I did and I’ve been happy with it.

You can join Latin American Cupid here. If you join let me know what you think of it.

Two out of five single people use some sort of online dating site. Here’s a few things to keep in mind about Latina singles on Latin dating sites.

Take Action

The most desirable and beautiful Latinas on the site get enough messages from members that they don’t have to actively search the site for men. If you want the most desirable Latinas you are going to have to initiate contact by sending them a message. Never join a Latin dating site and expect all the hottest Latina singles to get hold of you. Make sure you frequently research the member base for Latinas with who you might be compatible and when you find a chica you like the look or sound of, write to her immediately. Keep an eye on the new members and contact them before they start receiving many messages.

Send Compelling Messages

So now you have become a member of one of the Latin dating services, you have looked for several Latinas that match your type and you have a list of matching users. You’re gonna write a few email messages but what will you say? Mention something you noticed in her profile, preferable something funny or something both of you have in common. Keep it lighthearted and not too serious.

Visit The Site Often

There are a couple reason why you should check in with the site often. First you want to check out the new members and contact the ones that appeal to you before other members try contacting them. The other reason is the more often log into your account the higher your profile will appear when Latina singles are searching for guys like you. The members that use the Latino dating site most often appear the highest in the member search results and the better chance you have of a Latina single contacting you. So click here and get started.

I’ve noticed with some Latino dating sites like Latin American Cupid I get the most women contacting me right after I log in and then it slowly tapers off. Before I started using these sites I thought most Latinas  would do searches based on their preferences then initiate contact with men they were interested in regardless if the men were online at that moment or not. It doesn’t seem to work that way.

Far more women just go to the list of men who are online and scan until they find someone they would like to contact. When you log onto a site like Latin American Cupid you get put to the top of the list of men who are online at that time. As other men log on after you they get placed at the top and push your profile down the list. So here’s something quick and easy to get your profile in front of more Latinas. If you plan to spend an hour on the Latino dating site instead of logging on once log out a few times during that hour then log back in immediately. Every time you log back in your profile will be put back to the top of the list.

I have been a member of Latin American Cupid long before I put up this web page. Online since 2003 it now has over 1,400,000 members. Though Latinas living in Mexico, Central America and South America make up the majority of the members I have also met Latin women living in the USA and Europe.

It’s normal to see 1500 or more members logged in during the day and evening. It’s a simple well thought out site that’s easy to navigate. I’ve been happy with the Latinas I’ve dated through this site both in terms of beauty and personality.

You can sign up for free but you can only contact paying members and less than one percent of the Latin women on the site are paying members. Basically the men pay. I think it’s fair since Western men earn more than the typical Latin woman and if the women had to pay the selection would be much more limited compared to the abundance of Latinas they have right now. You can get a month membership for $25. I suggest trying it for a month and if you’re happy with it do what I did and get a year membership for only $8 per month. Peanuts. You can visit Latin American Cupid here.

The following sites are run by the same people who run Latin American Cupid but focus on Latinas from a specific Latin American country. Each site also has Latina women from other countries living outside the focus country. As far as design and navigation they are similar to Latin American Cupid.

Colombian Cupid – Currently over 500,000 members. Visit Colombian Cupid here.

Brazil Cupid – Currenlty over 300,00 members. Visit Brazil Cupid here.

Mexican Cupid – Currently almost 400,000 members. Visit Mexican Cupid here.

Dominican Cupid – Currently over 100,000 members. Visit Dominican Cupid here.

Back now from Bocas Del Toro, Panama with a chica I met through Latin American Cupid. Last time I went to Bocas, around 8 years ago, I went to check out the scuba diving there. She doesn’t dive so settled for snorkeling this time around, but even that was hindered. She didn’t want to snorkel in water over her head. It’s surprising the number of women I’ve gone out with that can’t swim. I’ve dated Latinas that grew up in towns right on the ocean and never learned.

Despite what I heard about all the development since I was there last time it didn’t seem to have changed as much as I was expecting. For the most part it still has that worn-in funky Caribbean architecture. The places to eat are a pleasant surprise from the bland food you find in most Central American towns. Our hotel had an Indonesian restaurant and a couple of Arab restaurants were within spitting distance. One night we ate at an Indian (Hindu not indigenous) restaurant. This kind of selection of eating establishments is not normal in dink sized towns in Latin America, even the touristy ones. Since Bocas town is on an island there is a refreshing lack of traffic, fumes and car horns. The town is about the perfect size right now, big enough to have some variety but small enough to still get everywhere on foot. I liked it.

Prices were reasonable. Beers were only a $1 at our hotel and some places had happy hours with 50 cent beers. One night we decided to try a place we saw on a flyer. They had people pick you up at the central park every hour to take you to this restaurant/bar. We were the only two waiting when this dude picked us up to take us there. He took us out of the downtown area and to this place with a couple of dark houses and said here it is. I thought there’s no way any bar or restaurant is going to be around here. He got out and had us follow him. We walked behind the houses and I realized then they were right on the water. He had us wait on a dock and in a few minutes a boat came and picked us up and took us to the place on the flyer. It was a funky bar/restaurant built right over the water with a big hole in the middle of the floor that opened to the ocean just a few feet below. A whole smoked fish, potatoes and a beer were $4.

The most popular tour on Bocas is a day long boat tour that hits 4 places. The first is Dolphin’s Bay and we did see a load of dolphins, many up close. I thought they would spot one then jerk us to the next place on the tour but we spent a good amount of time checking them out. Next was Crawl Key which was basically a stop to extract money out of us by stopping at an isolated restaurant built over the water with overpriced food. We decided not to play ball and just ordered some fried plantains. Next stop with Cayo Coral which was some kind of underwater preserve for snorkeling. The group did the snorkeling from the boat far away from shore. It was much better than what was claimed to have the best snorkeling on the island, Boca del Drago, which was a waste of time. Next up was Red Frog beach. This is one of the nicer beaches around the islands but that’s not too hard since the majority of the shores around the islands are mangroves instead of beaches. It was a 7 1/2 hour tour that cost $15 each.

You’ll probably have dudes on the street hitting you up for this tour while walking around Bocas town. The price started at $24, then $20, then $15. It was worth it.

The only thing I considered overpriced were the rooms themselves. We paid $35 for a small room with private bath, hot water and a balcony shared with one other room. Nothing to the room except a place to hang your clothes. Should have cost $20 to $25 tops. You can flop in a hostel for around $10/night but if you’re with your lady friend you’ll want a private room. After checking places online $35 was about the bottom for your own room and they went up from there.

This Sunday I’m headed to Bocas Del Toro, Panama for a few days with a girl I met through Latin American Cupid. She sent me a message, we stayed in contact and eventually met. I have not been to Bocas since ’01 or ’02 and she has never been there before. Supposedly there has been a lot of development there. I found a few places $200-400 per night. Insane. I do not remember seeing any $200-400 places when I was there 7 or 8 years ago and since I’m laying down $35 a night for our humble habitación. I hope she doesn’t see any of those places either.

Colombian girls are the most abundant sexy Latin women online looking for foreign men. This has been the case since the web get rolling in the 90s. During that time Colombia was noticeably more dangerous than it is today. At the time I thought the high number of Colombian women online looking for foreign dudes was because of the safety and crime factors within their country. They just wanted to get out. Today, the country, the economy and the safety within it are much improved. Yet Colombianas still outnumber the other Latinas in online dating.

One thing I’ve noticed is they seem to be more ambitious and goal oriented than Latinas in general. I’m not saying she’s with you just for money but I think they tend be less complacent than other Latin women. They tend to have goals and they try to be moving towards them. Depending on what kind of guy you are this could be an asset or a liability. Overall I think it’s an asset because do you really want a chick that has nothing going for herself? Higher quality women tend to have something else going on besides just their beauty.

Speaking of beauty, Colombian girls have a deserved reputation for it. They invest time and money into looking attractive. They make themselves look appealing for even mundane trips out of the house. And as far as the money poured into their looks I’m not familiar with how much cosmetics cost but I do know that boob jobs aren’t free.

With the advancement of the internet, growing international travel and the marked increase in safety through South America’s more troubled countries it’s not surprising how many men from Western countries are searching for South American Women.

There are PLENTY of available South American women online in every country but I’ve found the majority of the Latinas from South America that initiate contact with me are from Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The women from Colombia tend to be from the places you might already be familiar with- Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartegena, along with some smaller pueblos. It’s easy to think in Peru that Lima is the only place in the country that has internet access since it seems that 90% of the Peruvian women there that initiate contact are from Lima or the suburbs. Taking that into account you would guess that the Brazilian women would be from Sao Paulo, Rio or Salvador but that hasn’t been the case. Most of the girls from Brazil who contact me are from places I’m not even familiar with.

Using a Latin American dating site is a way to have some beautiful Latin women waiting for you the next time you touch down in South America. Do you already have your mind made up where you want to go? Then focus on women in that area. Are you open and just want to meet as many Latinas as you can? Then see where you get the most response and plan your vacation accordingly, though I have feeling you’ll probably end up in Colombia, Brazil or Peru.

Hey there, welcome to Latina Dating Sites. Here you’ll find the best Latin dating sites to meet sexy Latin women, tips to get the most success from the dating sites and dating Latinas offline.

I have lived off and on in Latin America for the last nine years. I speak pretty good Spanish and have dated Latinas I’ve met both online and off.

There is a growing number of men looking to date Latin American women along with travelers and people moving to Latin America. If you are one of these this site is for you.

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Guest Post:

Make certain you stand out on Latin dating sites- with a great pic . . .

Incorporating your photograph to your personal profile is really a fantastic way of getting more attention from Latina singles, however it’s the one point that a lot of online daters are hesitant to do. Quite a few of the user profiles you view will have pictures included, but that may not convince you that you must do the same.

People who never put up their picture often point out that they are too timid, or that they are concerned about privacy. Keep in mind the entire point of web dating is to draw in individuals you wouldn’t ordinarily connect with. Allowing them to view what you look like is quite different from providing your address or even telephone number. For anyone concerned that the pic might not do you justice – no problem. The picture just provides a concept of the way you appear. It’s not intended to be a model profile or polished magazine standard.

Still uncertain? Here are some good explanations why a person really should put up a photograph:

1. Research has proven that online dating profiles with no photos are much more likely to get passed over compared to ones with great, clear photographs attached.

2. Not posting a picture may cause Latinas to think you have something to hide.

3. A great photograph is an attention grabber. Although most people won’t appraise you exclusively on your pics, it may be the thing that spurs them to read the remainder of your profile and get in touch.

Bear in mind that the photo does not have to be fantastic. It just needs to be clear and if possible one that does not consist of other people. In the end, it might increase your odds of being contacted by many curious Latina singles, giving you the opportunity to show them what you’re like in every day life.

Start posting your pics and meeting Latina singles at this Latin dating site.

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